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Haematinic Zincofer Capsules

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Haematinic Zincofer Capsules are a nutritional supplement formulated to provide essential minerals and vitamins that play a role in supporting healthy blood levels and overall well-being. The term “haematinic” suggests a focus on substances that contribute to the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Age Range: Haematinic Zincofer Capsules are typically suitable for adults and may be recommended for individuals with iron or zinc deficiencies.

Conditions it Addresses: Haematinic Zincofer Capsules primarily address conditions related to low hemoglobin levels, iron-deficiency anemia, and zinc deficiency.




  • Take the recommended dosage as directed by a healthcare professional or according to the product’s instructions.
  • Consult a healthcare provider before use, especially if there are known deficiencies, underlying health conditions, or concerns.


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